Allison Wooley

Allison has taught art for 16 years in Philadelphia and recently moved back to her hometown of Cleveland. She spent 6 years teaching for the Mural Arts Program and 10 years teaching for the School District of Philadelphia. She has worked with such artists as Pepon Osorio and Sonia Sanchez, collaborating on murals with the artists and local students of Philadelphia. Her years with the school district, include working with resident artists, helping students to get scholarships to art colleges and winning the Lindback distinguished teaching award. Recently, Allison has traveled to Taos, NM to study Navajo weaving with Pearl Sunrise and went to Ghana to study art and dance. While in Ghana she learned skills in traditional kente weaving, Adinkra printing, batik, basket making and gourd art.

Additionally, Allison has many experiences in showcasing her work. After college, Allison began her own clothing label called Wooleybear Wear. She sold clothes and jewelry at festivals, several artist consignment shops, and participated in several fashion shows in the Philadelphia area. Allison has also participated in solo and group art shows in Philadelphia, one where she raised money for the Pre-Eclampsia foundation through the sale of her artwork. This show was held at the Plastic Club in Center City Philadelphia in May 2013. Recently she participated in a virtual art show through Cookie Cutter House project (CCHP) in collaboration with coworker and artist Diane Podolsky. This art show included various artists making a piece of art around what home means to them.

Allison loves to work on various methods of art making. She has always had a love for drawing hyper realistically. She also enjoys working with textiles such as printing on fabric, sewing and weaving. Sometimes she combines painting with textiles. Recently she has invested her art making in wood burning, basket making, and drawing. As far as theme and thought instilled in her work, she always works as a serial artist and makes comments about environment, community, or strictly focuses on design elements and portraiture.