Jane Altshuler

Jane is a sculptor currently living in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Until recently, she lived in the Washington, DC and Cape Cod, MA areas. Jane studied sculpture at Brandeis University, Indiana University, and Montgomery College. She had the privilege to study with Paul Georges, Tendai Johnson, Penelope Jencks, and Zdeno Meyercek.

It was Jane’s great honor to serve as an art teacher at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland. Since retiring from Bullis, she has taught and led workshops at the Cotuit Center for the Arts and the Orange Art Center. Jane is a proud member of the Beachwood Ceramic Guild.

Although Jane has worked in many media, she now exclusively makes sculptures. Jane’s work is an exploration of the transitions between planes and how they define a form. Her goal is to have the life within her sculptures push towards the space that confines them to convey the tension between what is personal and what is public. 

Jane has chosen animals and figures as subject matter, although the context disappears for her once she creates the form. She utilizes traditional media such as clay, stone, plaster, and wood. The scale of her pieces is small out of necessity. Jane’s recent works yearn, as she does, for simplicity.